RDMCC 2017

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The 28th RDMCC Show

June 19th was a total success!

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All proceeds go to our chosen charities!!!

Just in case you didn't know!

Here are just a couple of pictures from the show that were taken on the evening. If you have more and would like to have them added to the site, please email Mark on rdmcc01@gmail.com

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Updated 18th July

It was certainly a busy night and the site was completely packed within half an hour of the official opening time. This was partly due to the rather warm afternoon but also shows just how many people love coming along to our modest little show.

Moto GP commentator Steve Partish (@Stavros6) visited the show and tweeted that "it was a great turn out" and that he "was very impressed" adding a picture to his twitter feed.

Each year we are asked "where do all the bikes come from?" Simple answer is we just don't know. We know we have riders up from London and over from Northampton so we just answer "everywhere!"

The show coordinators Steve and Mark Coningsby would like to thanks everyone who came along to the show ad of course everyone who helped make it such a success.