RDMCC 2017

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The RDMCC hold a Noggin & Natter night every first and third Wednesday of the month at the Eternit Social Club, why not come along and meet the club - NEW BIKERS ALWAYS WELCOMED!

Eternit Social Club is HERE

Whaddon Village Hall is HERE

Note: re start of Club runs:

TFS = Tesco Filling Station

AFS = Arrington Filling Station

McDon = McDonalds Sawston

The runs are organised and led by individual members of the club on a voluntary basis; they are not officially sanctioned or endorsed by any authority of the club.

Club members ride at their own risk, on their own insurance and at their own pace and skill level, they should of course comply with all road traffic regulations.

The club, its officers and committee as well as the ride leader are not responsible for the safety and security of individuals, their navigation or organisation of individual activities before, during or after any rides.

Thinking or taking a ride?

Click HERE to check out the weather where you are and where you want to go!


We are currently updating our calendar for 2018 with ride outs planned for Wednesdays and Sunday’s.

If you have an idea of a great ride out why not email us RDMCC01@gmail.com we’d love to hear of great locations to go!

****Updated May 8th****


Wednesday 2nd Club night Whaddon 20:00

Sunday 6th Vintage Machine Show TFS 09:00

Monday 7th Royston Town Show

Wednesday 16th Club night Whaddon 20:00

Sunday 20th Peterbourgh Show AFS 09:00

Sunday 27th Tabacco Dock TFS 09:30


Wednesday 6th Club Night Whaddon 20:00

Sunday 10th Mallory Park Classic Racing AFS 09:00

Sunday 17th Banbury Run AFS 08:00

Wednesday 20th RDMCC Bike Show Eternit 15:00

Sunday 24th Classic show Chedders Lane AFS 09:00

Wednesday 27th Show Shake Down Eternit 20:00


Wednesday 4th Club Night Eternit 20:00

Sunday 8th National Road Rally

Saturday 15th Bike Stop Circular Lead Ride TFS 08:30 - See Steve C for more details on assisting on the ride

Wednesday 18th Donation Presentation Evening Eternit 20:00

Thursday 26th Triumph Factory (Advanced Booking)

Sunday 29th Beam Engine Crofton TFS 08:30


Wednesday 1st Spain trip presentation evening Whaddon 20:00

Sunday 5th Llangollen Motorcycle Festival TFS 07:30

Sunday 12th Brackley Festival AFS 09:00

Wednesday 15th Club Night Eternit 20:00

Saturday 18th Vulcan Bomber Visit Wellesbourne AFS 09:00

Sunday 27th Blenhelm Festival of Transport AFS 09:00