RDMCC 2017

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One year we shall have to get someone to do a check list of every make and model in the world and see if they actually do all turn up at our show!

On Wednesday June 18th 2014 over 2500 bikers came along to the RDMCC Show. They came for one thing….themselves!

As the Paddocks filled up with line after line of bikes people were starting to get worried “where are the rest of these bikes going to go?”

Thankfully 29 years of running show means we have built up a lot of experience and knowledge. With a small, but perfectly formed, team the show went off without a hitch!

With our youngest member on the PA during the night that knowledge will continue to grow for many years!

Thank you to all who joined us at our show. You helped us raise over £12,000 to donate to our chosen charities!

See you all on June 17th 2015 for our 30th Show

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